Man without arms or hands throws out 1st pitch at Kauffman, his 22nd MLB ballpark

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. --  An inspiring man threw a strike of a first pitch at the Kansas City Royals game Thursday night, despite the fact he doesn't have arms or hands.

Tom Willis wants you to know that no matter the circumstances, you can do anything you put your mind to.  In fact, with his appearance at Kauffman Stadium, he has now thrown the first pitch at 22 major league stadiums.

“I hope through my example kids will realize if this guy can go out, try to throw a pitch at all 30 stadiums without arms, what can I do with my life that, you know, I can do and really make a statement with my life?” Willis posed.

Willis isn't shy about his disability. It's quite the contrary. He wants you to ask him about it. He often encounters a most inquisitive group, young children.

“I'm a motivational speaker, and I do a program with kids at elementary schools called: No Hands-No Arms-No Problem!” Willis explained.

While he loves talking with kids, he also wanted to get his message out to more people, so he wrote every major league team. Earlier this year the Royals came calling, and Willis didn't hesitate.

He definitely made a statement at Kauffman Stadium Thursday night. He walked to the mound with purpose, kicked off his shoes, and instead of pitching to the side or in front of the mound like most people do, he stepped up on the rubber, went into his wind up and threw the ball 60 feet six inches to Royals infielder Christian Colon.

From FOX 4’s vantage point it was a strike, but more than that Willis hopes it helps prove his point.

“Hopefully other people with disabilities will be able to see I’m out here, I’m doing my thing and I’ve never let my disability slow me down and it appeals to them as well,” he said.

For more information about his mission, click here for his website.