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Pregnant mother of four dies after backyard bee stings

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Harkins family | WTVR, courtesy Ashley Schulzetenberg

SPOTSYLVANIA COUNTY, Va. — A pregnant mother of four died earlier this week after she was stung by bees while working in her backyard.

According to WTVR-TV, Sarah Marie Schulzetenberg Harkins, 32, suffered an allergic reaction from the bee stings, causing a brain aneurysm. She died at the hospital. Her unborn baby, named Cecilia Rachel, also passed away.

harkins1Her obituary said Harkins was a devoted wife and mother and an active member in her church.

In the days following her death, more than $100,000 has been donated to her surviving family, which include her husband Eric and four children, Liam, 7; Analee, 5; Jude 3 and one-year-old Mary Faustina.

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