President Obama meets and expresses condolences to family of late Terri LaManno

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Relatives of a victim in the shooting rampage at two Jewish facilities in Overland Park this past spring had a private moment with President Obama on Wednesday.

Alissa and Jim LaManno counted down the seconds, right to the very moment they met President Obama. The father and daughter had a brief and private chat with the Commander in Chief before he took to the stage at the Uptown Theater.

The LaMannos’ conversation with the president centered on the tragic death of Jim's wife of nearly 25 years, and Alissa's beloved mother, Terri LaManno. In April, 53-year-old Terri, 14-year-old Reat Underwood and his grandfather, Doctor William Corporon were all shot and killed when a gunman opened fire in Overland Park.

The LaMannos say after the tragedy, they received a phone call from President Obama, but hearing the president express his condolences in person Wednesday was special to them.

"I never thought I would ever meet the president. This is just completely just so surreal to me. I'm at a loss for words right now," Alissa said.

"The president, I believe, is a very prayerful and a very Christian man. He felt our pain. Although he's never experienced it, but I believe his heart was in what he told us," Jim said.

The LaMannos also took a picture with President Obama. They say the White House will mail that to them at a later date.