UPS in the doghouse with family after driver runs over beloved boxer Buckley

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AGENCY, Mo. -- Buckley, a nine-year-old boxer, was on his owner's property, surrounded by an electronic fence when he was run over and killed. It happened a week ago, and Buckley's owners want others to know this can happen to their pets, too.

The Allen family lives at the end of this long gravel driveway, and at the end of that is a circle drive. It's where their two dogs, Buckley and Lola, were restricted to due to an underground fence.

"So they're actually going to be about 15 feet or so off the driveway," said Travis Allen.

The dogs could go in and out of the garage through a doggy door while the Allens were gone, but they never got out of their fenced-in area. That's why the Allens don't understand how Buckley was run over and killed by a UPS driver last week, in a zone where people need to drive slowly.

"They actually told me a couple of different things- that maybe it happened here and maybe it happened when they were leaving," Travis said.

NoteFBApril Allen's younger sister found Buckley's remains near the house along with a note saying the UPS driver had run him over. The Allens say they want others to know this can happen to them and to be cautious.

"We don't want them to have the heartbreak that we had to go through," April said.


Because all that's left of the dog they've loved for years is now buried in their backyard.

Fox 4 spoke with a representative of UPS. He says the company apologizes for what happened to Buckley. It's very rare, he says, for a UPS driver to run over a pet.

He also said that it's important to keep animals contained for their safety and the safety of the driver. A third-party insurance agent is working with the family to resolve the situation.

The Allens, however, say it's not as simple as coming to an agreement. They also say it's been difficult getting direct answers as to exactly how their dog could have been run over if the driver was going an appropriate speed and paying attention.