Double shooting in downtown area leaves one man dead

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One man is dead and another man was shot in the hand following an early Sunday morning shooting at 8th and Jefferson in downtown Kansas City. Police say they got a call at about 4 a.m. and officers found a Hispanic man in his late 20s on the sidewalk shot in the head. Paramedics took him to the hospital where he later died.

Christian Johnson lives nearby and said there was a lot happening in the area a couple of hours before shots were heard.

“About two o`clock last night I came out walking my dog, and there were a lot of cars up there. Mainly teenagers, about in their early 20s,” Johnson said.

Witnesses told police that at 11th and Pennsylvania, a few blocks away, a Hispanic-looking man fired several gunshots. A second victim, a teenager, went to the hospital shot in the hand. Witnesses told police there were dozens of people hanging out in the park drinking and partying.

“There`s been too much traffic up here real late at night, and a lot of drinking,” Johnson said.

Johnson says that’s unfortunate because the neighborhood she’s lived in for the past five years has generally been quiet.

“This is a nice area and I hate to see that something like this has happened over here,” she said. “There`s a lot of kids. People come out here to bring their children to play in the park or the playground over there, and just have barbeques.”

The neighborhood is near Case Park, which overlooks the West Bottoms, the Missouri River to the north and the downtown skyline to the east, showing off spectacular views of the city. However, Johnson said the park used to be closed before midnight.

“They used to lock it out at about 10 o`clock at night,” she explained.

Something Johnson hopes will happen again so she and her neighbors can enjoy their neighborhood.

“I hope it won`t stop people from coming or living over here, because this is a great place to live,” she said.

KCPD Captain Tye Grant told said no one from the police department was available to go on-camera Sunday, but Fox 4 did get information from KCPD Chief Darryl forte who said the gunman left southbound from the scene. Anyone with information about the homicide and shooting is urged to call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.