Children removed from home, Olathe couple charged with child endangerment

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OLATHE, Kan. -- The Johnson County Prosecutor's Office charged a man and woman with aggravated endangerment of a child, after police say they found two children inside the woman's residence, which they described as unkempt and dirty.

The apartment is located near W. Santa Fe and North Parker.

Police were at the apartment complex for a 911 call about a disturbance when they noticed the living conditions.

Kacee Knedlik, 28, and Eli Johnson, 33, lived there with Knedlik's two boys, ages two and nine-years old.

"While they're speaking with the people inside they noticed the apartment was filthy, a lot of trash," said Sgt. Bryan Hill, Olathe Police Dept.

A neighbor told FOX 4 that the messy apartment was a result of Knedlik's recent back surgery.

"She tried to do her best with the cleaning and whatever she could for her kids. She tried to make sure everything was clean and she was trying to do her best with the laundry," said Deanna Peters.

Bond was set at $20,000 for each suspect and they were both ordered back in court on August 14.



  • Wayne

    Why is Fox 4 controlling where we leave comments now? Do they not like freedom of speech? Don’t like people correcting the sloppy reporting?

  • Jules

    Look at their faces, typical complexion of meth users. No wonder they were arrested for child endangerment

  • nge

    Fine if they were in endangerment, but it’s scary if some one can come into your house and take your kids if you have been sick or some thing else has kept you from keeping things done.. I know there are instances that the kids are endangered and need to be gotton out. And I know there also has been instances where it would be best to stay away from it.

    • MrsCaldwell

      Look at these people. They show all the physical signs of being meth users. Take their kids away!! Get them clean. There are people out there who want to LOVE AND NURTURE children, and these meth addicts just care about their drugs.

  • Richard Hunt

    You can’t assume they are current users you people make sick no more innocent till proven guilty guilty then they figure it out ridiculous people you are

    • Vicki Kleine

      It is pretty easy to assume they are meth users by just looking at the faces…As for guilty,before innocent untill proved guilty…They are evedently guilty of neglecting the children or they wouldnt be sitting in jail would they? In a situation like this Im glad the kids are safe and being cared for ..Thats what matters most to me

  • Kevin

    Now I know why jury selection is such a long process. Look at all the folks in here that read half a dozen paragraphs, look at two photos, and already have them convicted as meth addicts.

  • Briana

    I know kacee. I grew up with her. I know she has a lot of medical problems and her mom passed from cancer which was hard. I havent seen her since her children were born but I am fb friends with her and I know she loves her kids so much. I do know that. I do not know about a drug problem so I cant speak on that. But dont assume she didnt love those kids bc she doea. Im so sad and mad and heartbroken I dont know what to think. Scrolling across my fb and seeing her mugshot. I just hope I dont find out anything horrible.

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