Little boy’s spirits high as he leaves hospital after dog attack

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A five-year-old Kansas City boy attacked by a stray dog over the weekend is now out of the hospital. Right now, Quentin Holmon has a nasty wound on his face as a result of the dog attack, but the little boy's spirits are high and that's all that matters to his family.

Just watching Quentin blow bubbles and do pull-ups on playground equipment Tuesday brought joy to the hearts of his mother and grandmother.

"Happy, happy, happy!" grandmother Gladys King exclaimed.

"He is looking a lot better than when I first saw him," mom Whitney King said.

Three days ago was a much different and heart-pounding time for the family. They were all enjoying a picnic in a relative's front yard near East 27th and Bellefontaine when a stray dog suddenly jumped on Quentin's back and bit the little boy on the right side of his face.

"I heard people running and screaming saying, ‘call 911!’ and I was freaking out!" Whitney recalled.

After hearing screams, the frantic mom raced outside and couldn't believe how her baby boy looked.

"His skin was off his face and I immediately broke down," she said. "I literally fell to the ground after I saw his face and started crying and held him in my arms, because as a mother bear you try to keep your cubs safe."

Paramedics rushed the shell-shocked kindergartener to the hospital. He was in a lot of pain, but amazingly his mom says Quentin never cried after the dog attack.

"From the time I saw him he wasn't crying. From the time we were in the ambulance he wasn't crying. The only time he cried is when he got the rabies shot," Whitney said. "He is the trooper. He is the super-hero for sure!"

After undergoing surgery and taking antibiotics, Tuesday her little super-hero left Children's Mercy with his toys in tow and finally headed home, telling Fox 4’s Robert Townsend he was feeling good.

"Get him home. I want him to be my right hand man for the next few weeks. I'm not gonna let him go anywhere without me," Whitney affirmed.

As you saw in the video, Quentin now has lots of stitches as a result of the dog bite. Fortunately, doctors are optimistic about his healing. The dog, a chow, has been euthanized.