Teens say fun night on the Plaza took terrifying turn when woman brandished gun

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A fun night out with friends took a terrifying turn for a group of Johnson County teenagers, who say a girl robbed them and pulled a gun on them. The incident near the J.C. Nichols Fountain on the Country Club Plaza was caught on camera.

Fox 4 was told about 50 teens went to the Plaza Saturday night to get on a party bus. While the teenagers were getting their money together, a 19-year-old girl says another teenage girl she didn't know snatched the money right out of her hand.

“She ruined our night,” Roneesha Geiger of Olathe said.

Sixteen-year-old Geiger said she hired a party bus Saturday to have fun with her friends. Geiger's friend, 19-year-old Brijah Lee said she was collecting money before their guests got on the bus when a teenage girl they didn't know, robbed her.

“She pulled the money out of my hand and I dropped it and she pulled me by my hair and started fighting me,” Lee said.

Lee said she's in the white shirt on the ground that you’ll see in the video. She says the girl in the black t-shirt robbed and beat her up.

“I went into the bus and I got all the girls on the bus. We went after them to get the money back, not to fight her,” Roneesha said.

“They are running after the girl and trying to get the money back and when they get to the top of the hill she pulls out a gun and says, ‘get back!’  They don't even come to a complete stop, their feet turn around, it was frightening!” Lee said.

The teens say they thought their lives were over.

“They went down there to pick up kids, not to cause problems and the end result is a gun was pointed at my daughter and her friends,” Robin Geiger, Roneesha’s mom, said.

Robin hopes someone can identify the teen in the black t-shirt so charges can be filed against her.

“Somebody knows her, you can see her face,” Robin said.

The teens say they were not able to file a police report Saturday because officers told them to get back on the bus. The teens say they're in the process of getting all of the witnesses together so they can file a police report by the end of the week.