“We live to die,” said one girl in KC neighborhood where man was shot overnight

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One man was shot several times in the early hours of Wednesday morning at the Greenleaf apartment complex off of Winner Road and Hardesty.   He was taken to the hospital where his condition is described as serious.

Police taped off the area near the parking lot of the complex when the call first came out at about 3 a.m.   Detectives collected evidence and talked to witnesses but police weren't given a lot of information.

"It's nothing unusual," said one witness, "this is the life we live, and we live to die."

The victim told police he was also hit over the head before he was shot. Police were looking for three suspects, but they do not have good descriptions, as the men were wearing masks.


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  • Wayne

    Must be your location or mentality because I don’t live to die. Death is the final destination but a mentality like that is not going to lead to any good. Prepare yourselves and put up resistance to these scum.

  • DC

    I cannot tell you how sad it made me to watch these two young ladies speak about what they live with every day. The only thing that prevents them from living a normal life, is the people who refuse to step up and say what they saw and also say enough is enough.

  • anon

    Anyone else play Batman Arkham City? I think something like that setup would work here. just pen them all off from the rest of society and let them figure out how to live with one another without endangering the rest of us.

  • n_slash_a

    So sad, I was really really hoping that my gut instinct was wrong, but indeed both women were black. I fully recognize that violence knows no skin color, but the black culture seems to embrace violence. If you want to end the violence, then stop playing the race card, stop playing the victim card, and eliminate “baby-daddy” from your vocabulary. Until the majority of black leaders (and not just the brave few) admit that the majority of violence against blacks is done by other blacks, then this tragic situation will never change.

  • Don

    Well its a sad thing that this sort of violence they find to be so acceptable in their communities that is the core problem right there. Listen to rap music most of it teaches people that if they are disrespected they need to kill someone, if someone wrongs them or a family member they need to kill someone. Well it isn’t like that at all in my community but then again we do not have the same sort of violence they have in their community.