Overland Park man, 52, killed when teen driver crashes into parked car, pedestrians

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- An Overland Park teenage driver could face charges in a deadly pedestrian crash.   The 17-year-old hit a legally parked car, and a man and a woman standing along the street near 85th and Tomahawk Road just before midnight Thursday night, according to police.

The man died and the woman was taken to the hospital with serious injuries to her face and legs.

The man was identified late Friday morning. Kevin Patrick Moroney, 52, was pronounced dead at the scene.  A witness tried CPR, but he never revived. Moroney lived in Overland Park.

The injured woman has been identified as Maureen Hogg of Kansas City, Mo. She has been listed in critical condition.

"The teen has been released to his mother," said Sgt. Scott Ferguson, "We are waiting on the results of a blood test to figure out what's next in this investigation."

It's not clear why the teen crashed, if he was impaired or not, investigators are waiting on results of a blood test.

Authorities say the teenager's Volkswagen Passat was southbound on Tomahawk when it struck Moroney and Hogg and the parked car they were standing next to.

"We'll have the vehicle towed and we'll process the vehicle, do a mechanical inspection and make sure there wasn't any defects to the vehicle," Sgt. Ferguson explained. "We'll go back and interview the female pedestrian at a later time and see if she remembers other things that happened."

The 17-year-old was not injured.

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  • Looey

    Teenagers do a lot of texting. It doesn’t matter where they are. If this kid was texting or high he should spend a lot of time in jail.

    • John

      Let’s shut up about being high and focus on the real issue, which is alcohol. I bet you haven’t a clue what being high means if you’re talking just about pot. If you’re talking about hard drugs that’s understandable. But don’t even make assumptions, especially ones that you have no clue of.

  • anon

    I miss the good old days of putting somebody in the stocks and publicly lashing them to set an example for everyone else. I think today’s teens would really respond to it, especially if we took a video and made it viral through their twitter pages.

    • Duhfuq¿

      That’s messed up. Maybe the reason we no longer act that way is because we have progressed passed that. Where did you get educated? Cause they seem to have done poorly.

      • anon

        Where were you educated? I can see that nobody explained to you that you do not start a sentence with the word “Because” or any shortened version of it. While you can believe we have progressed beyond public punishment and ridicule I believe we just now have more intricate and subtle ways of doing it that aren’t quite as effective. Teens today don’t believe that “It could happen to them.” So we make that reality as harsh and real in their minds as possible. By placing one of their own in stocks outside his local high school and giving him fifty lashes and a ten year probation period to further monitor him sounds like a great public service then just skipping to the probation that most kids get.

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