Teen hits and kills Overland Park father of four, 52, while he was standing outside

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- An Overland Park teen could be facing some serious charges after a late night accident killed a man and critically injured his girlfriend.

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Police aren't releasing any information about the teen, but FOX 4's Eric Burke was able to find out who he is and discovered a criminal past. FOX 4 isn't releasing the name of the teen, unless and until he's charged.

After running his name through Johnson County court records FOX 4 found the teen pleaded guilty to a drug offense in 2013, then an alcohol related offense in spring of this year and is still on probation.

Police aren't commenting on any of that information, they'll only confirm they believe he was behind the wheel of the car last night that left 52-year-old Kevin Moroney dead and his girlfriend Maureen Hogg, critically injured

Moroney was walking Hogg to her car just before midnight when neighbors describe hearing a horrific sound.

When they went outside, Moroney's body was in one yard, Hogg's was in another.

Several people rushed to help, and started CPR on Maroney, but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

"Great man, 52 years old, father of four, very involved in his kids’ life and with the neighborhood, very sad, heart wrenching." said neighbor and friend Colleen Wessling.

Neighbors say they saw the teen going through a field sobriety test and later put in handcuffs. He was released to his parents a short time later. Police say that's not out of the ordinary.

The investigation is far from over and once evidence gathered at the scene is processed, they know where he lives if charges are filed.

The teen’s home is just three and a half blocks from the accident scene.

No one was home early Friday evening.

Hogg is expected to survive, but still listed in critical condition.

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    • Janet Murray Litton

      Why should the parents be held responsible? The is 18 and last I checked that makes him a legal adult. As a mother of teenagers, I hold them personally responsible for their actions. The parents were not in the car with him and he wasn’t underage to be driving. He should take full responsibility for his own actions. The parents have no financial right to lose everything the own. I bet they have tried to be the best parents the can. You cannot control all of the actions of your children. Do you even have children?

  • Wendy N Barnes

    Eight years is the max this kid will get. With time off for good behavior. He does not care nor do his parents or they would not have bailed the “baby ” out and returned him to their home. As long as they enable him, he does not need to change a thing. Frankly, if the car is in the parents name and they pay the insurance, they should be held personally financially liable for this crime while “baby” does the time.

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