Boy, 14, says two other students attacked him on school bus

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A school bus fight left a 14-year-old boy with a black eye, and the rest of his first week, out of class.

Wednesday was only the third day of classes, and a mother of the student, who goes to Southwest Early College Campus, is already looking at transferring him to a new one.

"My eye is hurting a little bit," said 14-year-old Milin Sims, who was released from the hospital earlier on Wednesday.

He says two boys ganged up on him and beat him up on the bus to school that morning. A First Student bus got into an accident on the way to Southwest Early College Campus. As they waited for police, a couple of boys went to the back of the bus and started play wrestling.

"And he got serious and he hit me in my mouth and that's when I hit him back," said Sims.

When Sims realized it wasn't playing around anymore, he went to the front of the bus.

"That's when him and his brother started jumping me," Sims added.

He says a 14-year-old boy and his 17-year-old brother were hitting him as he lay in the seat covering his head.

"The bus driver tried to stop it," said Sims.

"If it was just two young boys one-on-one, because that's what boys do, but if you're attacking and there's more than one, that's too much," said Milin's mom, Jamika Cox.

She says her son has mental issues and is upset with the bus company, because she says no one told police when they finally showed up.

"They had police already coming, and they did not use them as their resources to handle the situation," said Cox. "I don't think that he handled it properly to tell the students that he wasn't going to write it up, and just don't fight again."

Cox says her 13-year-old daughter was also on the bus and witnessed the whole thing. Police took a statement from Sims and his sister.

Cox says this all could have been prevented if everyone was just doing what they were supposed to on the bus.

"He had no business horse playing," said Cox.

But she says it should have been written up and these boys need to be punished.

"I would like for the children in the inner city to carry themselves better because it makes the inner city kids look bad as it is," Cox said.

The school has requested the video on the bus, and will go from there. They will not release it to FOX 4 because there were minors on the bus. Cox says she plans on pressing charges.

Statement regarding incident on First Student bus:

"An incident involving three students took place off-campus this morning on a First Student bus transporting students to Southwest Early College Campus. One student received minor injuries.  The incident did not occur on school property, but the students were under the care of First Student when the incident occurred. 

As soon as school administrators learned of the incident, the injured student’s parent was contacted. Six different KCPS administrators and/or staff had one-on-one or phone contact with the injured student’s parent in the immediate hours following the incident. KCPS will continue to work with the parent and the student to ensure that the student is provided with all the assistance needed and that the student’s education is disrupted as minimally as possible.

Superintendent R. Stephen Green has made it clear that these types of incidents will not be tolerated. Students will be disciplined according the district’s Student Code of Conduct. Responsible parties will be held accountable."