Woman’s home damaged after someone throws Molotov cocktails

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A woman is without a home after her house was fire bombed over night. A police report says two or three Molotov cocktails were thrown at a house off Bellefontaine in Kansas City, Mo.

When life gets too chaotic, Rauchelle McNeal retreats to her happy place, a porch garden overlooking her neighborhood. But now, even that place can't calm her nerves.

"Now I ain't got that. I don't have that no more," she says.

She no longer feels safe after someone threw at least three Molotov cocktails at the second floor of her house. Police say one of the cocktails was likely a beer bottle filled with gasoline. One can still be found outside her house.

"I'm hurt because I didn't do nothing to deserve nothing like this," says McNeal.

It happened on July 27th just before midnight. McNeal thought the sounds were coming from police, but it was actually her house in flames.

The Molotov cocktails smashed through the windows, destroying all of the walls, including the roof. The smell of smoke still lingers in the air. Debris, glass, wood, glass, clothes are scattered everywhere the room.
McNeal says she doesn't know why she was targeted, but she has an idea of who it was, but is too afraid of retribution to start naming names.

Since the fire, McNeal has been living without electricity because of burnt wires in the house. She's trying to pack up her life and move out, but the future is uncertain.

"Basically I'm just looking for a place to put all this and then from there I'll just be in my car," she said.

Kansas City, Mo., police said they're still investigating the case. They've made no arrests.

After seeing this story on FOX 4 News a viewer has offered to fix McNeal's electricity for free. The viewer said he owns his own business and works closely with a non-profit organization that helps fix homes. He said he is going to see if they can assist McNeal with further repairs. We'll keep you posted.