Publix employee’s act of kindness takes the Internet by storm

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ORMOND, Fla. -- A picture of a grocery store employee helping out an elderly man is all over the Internet. Now the Publix grocery store employee has one simple wish.

Gage Boucher hopes his act inspires more people to be kind. He noticed a man that needed help and was struggling to tie his shoes, so Gage got down and tied the laces for him.

He said the man tried to pay him, but he told the man not to worry about it. Gage said he didn't think anything of what he did and said it wasn't really that big of a deal. But the man who took the picture that is making the rounds on the Internet thought differently. Keith Kiel and Gage both hope the act inspires more people.

“I have never seen that in a long, long time; other than opening a door for someone. And I was touched. I actually physically got a little emotional and when I fumbled for my camera and thought, ‘please just let me get this shot,’” Kiel recalled.

Gage said he just went back to work like it was nothing -- and never expected so much attention.

“Just like, do it, I guess. Just start being kind. If you see someone who needs help, just help them out,” Gage said.

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