Not a perfect kid, but surrendering when he was shot, family spokesmen say

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FERGUSON, Mo. -- Three spokesmen for Michael Brown's family stood in front of many microphones in a news conference late Friday afternoon in Ferguson.

They reiterated the statement made earlier by the family, outraged that police released video and pictures of a robbery, in which they say Michael Brown was a suspect.

The family spokesmen allege that police are conducting a character assassination on Michael Brown, who was shot and killed in a police-involved shooting on Saturday, August 9th.  The police officer first encountered Brown while he was walking in the middle of the street with a friend, Ferguson's police chief said. Chief Thomas Jackson said Officer Darren Wilson did not approach Brown because of the robbery.

When it was his turn to speak, Michael Brown's cousin dropped to his knees with his hands in the air.

"This is the universal sign of surrender," he said.

Yet the officers shot at Brown and killed him while he was in that stance, they allege.

Brown cousin

A representative for the family also told reporters that Michael Brown's mother wanted people to know as they head into Friday night, that she is okay with how the investigation is going.

"I have been asked to make the plea.  Do not take the bait and riot.  The family does not want that," he said.


Anthony Gray also addressed some people's contention that the family was trying to portray Michael Brown as a kid who never got into trouble.

"This family has never said that Michael Brown Jr. was a perfect kid," he said.

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