Follow now: Ferguson community reacts after learning name of officer who killed unarmed teenager

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Michael Brown

FERGUSON, Mo. — The police officer involved in the shooting and killing of Michael Brown, who was unarmed when he was killed Saturday, has been identified as Darren Wilson, a six-year veteran of the Ferguson Police Department.

Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson released his name to reporters Friday morning.

Ferguson remained at peace after night fell on Thursday for the first time since Michael Brown was killed. And protesters have learned that their demand to know the name of the officer who shot him may be met as early as Friday. FOX 4 sister station KTVI reports the officer’s name will be released at approximately 8 a.m.

Nixon on FergusonOn Thursday, Governor Jay Nixon announced the new security arrangement in Ferguson would be led by the Missouri State Highway Patrol and specifically Capt. Ron Johnson, who is from Ferguson.

“We are going to have a different approach and have the approach that we’re in this together,” Capt. Johnson said.


Andrew Lynch August 15, 201411:48 am

Governor Nixon gets defensive during the last line of questioning during his news conference on Friday about perceived delays with his presence in Ferguson and the investigation, saying: “On Monday I asked for a Department of Justice investigation, on Tuesday I appeared in the community, on Wednesday I appeared in the community, on Thursday I appeared in the community, on Friday I’m here. 

Michelle Pekarsky August 15, 201411:45 am

Capt. Johnson said there would be porta-potties and barriers for protesters. “We’ll make sure they can be along that street and stay as long as they want.”

Michelle Pekarsky August 15, 201411:35 am

Man in crowd tell Gov. Nixon that he’s cheap… that he’s not spending enough money on schools and schools are closing around them.

Michelle Pekarsky August 15, 201411:34 am
Michelle Pekarsky August 15, 201411:33 am

Gov. Jay Nixon says Capt. Johnson and authorities will:
“…make sure that folks have a chance give their voice as well as keep the peace at the same time.”

Michelle Pekarsky August 15, 201411:32 am

“I think the focal point here remains. To figure out how and why Michael Brown was killed and to get justice where appropriate.”

Michelle Pekarsky August 15, 201410:32 am

Reminder: A news conference is scheduled for 11 a.m. on Friday. Gov. Nixon is expected to speak.
Another picture of Capt. Johnson in the crowd:

Michelle Pekarsky August 15, 201410:25 am

“Until they get some black cops in these areas there’s going to be a big mess,” said Leon Nelson, from Ferguson.

Michelle Pekarsky August 15, 201410:13 am

Michelle Pekarsky August 15, 201410:10 am

The crowd in Ferguson grows quiet and then suddenly a chant breaks out.

Michelle Pekarsky August 15, 201410:04 am

Darren Wilson, a six-year veteran of the Ferguson Police Department was identified as the officer who shot Michael Brown.
He’s a six-year veteran of the force. Wilson previously had no disciplinary record and was treated for injuries following the shooting according to Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson.

Michelle Pekarsky August 15, 20149:57 am

Capt. Johnson, put in charge of security in Ferguson told FOX 2 in St. Louis that he does not know the officer involved in the shooting.
Capt. Johnson is from Ferguson.
Some in the crowd are now asking to know the officer’s race.

Michelle Pekarsky August 15, 20149:53 am

Capt Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol, placed in charge of security in Ferguson arrived on the scene. Capt. Johnson is from Ferguson.
As he spoke to some in crowd, others shouted, Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!

Michelle Pekarsky August 15, 20149:46 am

These two reporters from FOX 4 sister station KTVI, are on the scene in Ferguson providing extensive coverage. It’s a tough job to sift through so much coming at them… and some of it is raw material. Some vulgar language can be heard in the crowd. Beware if you go to our live stream of their coverage.

Michelle Pekarsky August 15, 20149:44 am
Michelle Pekarsky August 15, 20149:34 am

Woman in crowd says she has a picture of Michael Brown before the shooting.

She says he was wearing different clothing when he was shot than the man is wearing in the picture police released of a robbery. Look for more on FOX 4 as we livestream.

Also, a 11 a.m. news conference with the Governor.

Michelle Pekarsky August 15, 20149:32 am


What do you want?


When do you want it?


Michelle Pekarsky August 15, 20149:26 am

This man, William, has been at many of the rallies in Ferguson. Friday morning, after police announced the officer’s name, William said the crowd was not happy that police allege Michael Brown committed a robbery just minutes before he was fatally shot. 

He said the crowd doesn’t think police are telling the truth. 

“I’m very concerned because it takes us back to the days where you gotta go out of your neighborhood just to buy something,”

Michelle Pekarsky August 15, 20149:16 am

Michelle Pekarsky August 15, 20149:09 am

Police have always said Michael Brown was unarmed. He was allegedly trying to steal a box of cigars, worth about $49, said Roche Madden, with FOX 4 sister station KTVI. Madden continues to provide reports at 9:10 a.m. Friday from the news conference scene, where a crowd is still gathered. Click here for his report:

Michelle Pekarsky August 15, 20149:06 am

Police release a packet of information, and inside there were pictures which are believed to be from a robbery that occurred before his was fatally shot, in which Michael Brown was a suspect.

Michelle Pekarsky August 15, 20149:03 am

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