Kansas Citians celebrate their differences at the 35th annual Ethnic Enrichment Festival

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- You don't have to get on a plane, to experience food and culture from around the world. Folks in the metro have been doing that all weekend at the Ethnic Enrichment Festival, which took place at Swope Park.

The event was an eclectic mix of food, flags and family.

“It`s eye-opening to see that these are Kansas Citians. We`re not just white-bred middle Americans. This is everybody,” said organizer Jim Wilson.

People from different cultures represented more than 60 countries at this year`s Ethnic Enrichment Festival in Swope Park over the weekend. Organizers were hoping to promote understanding and unity by reaching out to the next generation.

“All of the groups try to attract kids so they learn about their culture and also learn about sharing their culture,” said Wilson.

Grandmother Georgette Stallworth hopes her three little ones will learn life lessons from the event before school starts next week.

“They need to know, you know, to experience their food and not say ‘Eww that`s yucky,’ but learn how to embrace it,” she said.

Rose Kearn came to the festival with her father, who adopted her from China.

“It is very encouraging to see all these people come together because it feels like we`re all one which I really like,” said Kearn.


“We`re all in one way or another either immigrants or descendants from immigrants, so it truly is a melting pot,” said Lee Kearn, Rose’s father.

This was the 35th year for the Ethnic Enrichment Festival in Kansas City.

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