Family of woman in fatal bus fall settles with bus company

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A bus company involved in the deadly accident of Jamie Frecks has settled with her family for an undisclosed amount.

A statement released by Shamburg, Johnson & Bergman, the firm representing Frecks' family, said in part:

“The case against one of the corporate defendants has settled for an undisclosed amount. The case against the other defendants resulted in judgments of $6.78 million. Part of that amount has been satisfied from Midnight Express’ insurance coverage. We are now considering a claim against the insurance agency and the broker who did not get Midnight Express the amount of insurance required under federal trucking regulations. Jamie’s family thanks the media for respecting their privacy and for shedding light on the importance of enforcing party bus safety regulations.”

Frecks, 26, died in May 2013 after leaning against a door and falling out of a party bus and onto I-35 where she was subsequently hit by at least three vehicle.

Following an investigation, the Wyandotte County District Attorney said there was not sufficient evidence to charge Midnight Express or the driver of the party bus in Frecks’ death, stating that if the door had been properly latched, Freck would not have fallen out.

At the time of her death Frecks was with 16 of her friends for a bachelorette party. She left behind a two-month-old daughter.