Man fakes his own death to get out of his wedding

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weddingSTORRS, Conn. — A Connecticut man faked his own death to get out of his wedding, which was set to happen this month.

Tucker Blandford, 23, and Alex Lanchester, 23, who is from the United Kingdom, had met in 2012 while Lanchester was attending college at the University of Connecticut, according to the Daily Mail Online. Blandford had been working as a set painter at a theater Lanchester started working at. The two hit it off instantly.

A year later when Lanchester was set to return to the UK, Blandford proposed to her. After she had traveled home the two talked daily and began planning their wedding, Blandford eventually informing her he had booked a venue on the college campus for the event, which was set to happen August 15, 2014.

Things were going according to plan until just weeks before an excited Lanchester was sat to return to the United States. One day she received a phone call from a grieving man, who claimed to be Blandford’s father, who informed her that her beloved fiancé had been battling depression and had jumped in front of a moving car and committed suicide.

Still in shock from the initial phone call, Lanchester reached back out to Blandford’s parents, her would-be future in-laws, to offer her condolences. Much to Lanchester’s surprise, Blandford’s mother had no idea that her son had passed away.  Quite the contrary, she informed her he was alive and doing well.

Lanchester also discovered the venue Blandford had supposedly reserved for the wedding had no record of the booking,

Blandford admitted Lanchester’s allegations were true. She has since called him a liar and a coward and said she has now begun to move on with her life.

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