Overland Park Regional celebrates expansion with crash victims who had lives saved there

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Remember the young woman who was critically injured when she tried to pick debris off the street near I-435 and Quivera? What about the girl who was hit by a car trying to save a turtle from getting run over? Well, they're alive, in good spirits and were ready to meet their heroes on Tuesday.

Lacey Deardoff and Sadie Walker never met before until now, but they have a lot in common. Both were treated at the Overland Park Regional Medical Center for something so traumatic, they don't even remember what happened.

Deardoff saw a car accident and tried to help the victim, but became one herself.

"She had hydroplaned and wrecked her car and there was debris in the road and I got out of my car to help her," said Deardoff.

And Walker tried to save a box turtle from getting run over.

"I've always loved animals so I didn't want it to get hit," Walker said.

The good Samaritans arrived at the Medical Center to not only celebrate the $110 million hospital expansion, but also to thank the people who saved their lives.

"It's a bit emotional because I don't remember any of it and they gave me my life back," Deardoff said.

It was also a big moment for the doctors, nurses, first responders, and countless others who helped save the two. Lacey Deardoff and Sadie Walker are names that have not been forgotten.

"You're not really sure who they are until they say I'm so and so. And then you go ‘oh my God’ because we're used to seeing them in really horrible situations," said Don Fisherman, the Trauma Services Medical Director.

For Deardoff, it was an emotional reunion and a new beginning, starting with a birthday.

“I will be 25 tomorrow. 25 and still alive is what I like to say," she said.