Sprint announces sweeping changes in getting back to the basics

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Say goodbye to Sprint's 'Framily' plan. Starting this Friday, Overland Park based Sprint says it is getting back to the basics and getting back in the cell phone game. The announcement was made by new CEO, Marcelo Claure.

On the Sprint campus Monday, the company served notice to competitors that it intends to double them up in more ways than one.

Sprint has been a part of the metro for years and wants to continue. In order to do so, it’s shaking up the cell phone industry with a new pricing plan and continuing a pledge to give back to the community.

It's not often the CEO of a Fortune 500 company addresses his employees in a T-shirt, but was fitting considering two announcements Claure made Monday afternoon.

“We are going to get back to the basics, for what Sprint was always known for,” he said.

For Sprint customers, and all other cell customers for that matter, he meant getting more for your money.

“We are going to launch the craziest promotion that's ever been launched,” Claure said.

Starting Friday, Sprint will offer double what its competitors do, but the cost will be lower.

“They are going to be able to get a minimum of 20 gigs of data, unlimited talk and text; doesn't matter if you have three people, five people or 10 people in your family, for only $100,” Claure announced.

The message Claure sent to Sprint employees and Sprint customers was detailed on his shirt.

“Priority number one, getting back in the game, starts Friday,” Claure said.

Claure also decided to double up Sprint competitors in a different way. He was issued the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and accepted.

“We decided to take the challenge the Sprint way, give back in big way, not like our competitors who gave $100,000. We're going to basically double what they did, because we double everything they do, so we are proud to donate $200,000,” Claure said.

The new pricing promotion begins Friday. It also includes reimbursing customers who break a contract with current providers.