Video shows woman remarkably getting up after bus strikes her downtown

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Editor's Note: Some may find parts of this video disturbing, viewer discretion is recommended

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Startling video was released Wednesday that shows a woman getting up and walking off after a bus hit her downtown. The accident is being investigated, but an ATA spokeswoman said it appeared a passenger distracted the bus driver.

Flashing ambulance lights added to the already, hectic scene in busy downtown Kansas City Tuesday afternoon. The ambulance was there for a woman had been smacked into by a MAX bus on the Troost route. Portions of the video show the bus striking the woman as she crossed 9th Street at Walnut.

Surprisingly, she's able to get up and walk over to grab what we're told was her cellphone. Video also shows several bystanders stop to help her.

'We checked the woman to makes sure she was okay. She was bleeding really bad from the back of her head, and the bus driver didn't seem like he was really even worried about it," Travon Miller said.

A witness who was riding that bus told FOX 4 he was able to see the victim, even though the driver likely wasn't.

“The operator was distracted by a passenger who had come forward to ask a question,” ATA spokeswoman Cindy Baker said.

Indeed that's what the video shows, if you watch you can see a passenger walk up to the driver, just seconds before the bus made impact with the victim. However, this crash is still being looked into.

“Drug testing is one, substance abuse testing is just automatic protocol, the surveillance video will also be part of that assessment,” Baker explained.

As the investigation continues, Baker says fortunately the outcome wasn't worse.

"Thankfully the operator was traveling at a very slow speed, or I think this accident could have been much worse," she said. "I was pleased to see that she was walking around after the incident."

Though the victim was walking and talking after the crash, she was taken to the hospital. No update has been given about her condition.