August heat wave cooled for woman in need by Bishop Sullivan Center program

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A triple-digit heat index is hard for anyone to deal with. Combine being older and heart problems with the oppressive heat and it can quickly become dangerous.

This latest heat wave has been difficult for Sue Hixson, but thankfully her hospice social worker recognized the need and reached out for help. Her central air went out a couple of months ago, at first it wasn't a problem.

"We had that wonderful cool weather, so I didn't think much about it, really thought we were headed for fall," Sue explained.

Then the August heat came back with a vengeance.

"It was 85 degrees outside and it was 85 degrees in my front room," Sue said.

Sue's age and health problems made her an ideal candidate for help from the Bishop Sullivan Center's Elder Cool program. She's in home hospice, a wheelchair, on oxygen and a fixed income. Her social worker from Crossroads Hospice, Beth, got in touch with Bishop Sullivan Center. Bright and early Friday morning, two young men were at Sue's door with help.

"It's amazing what one unit like that can do to save you. For Crossroads and Bishop to coordinate to get it done so fast, I was amazed that I got it today," Sue exclaimed.