Pinkel, Alden address latest report about former running back Washington

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COLUMBIA, Mo. -- Reaction continues to roll in regarding the newest sexual assault complaint aired by ESPN’s Outside the Lines against former University of Missouri running back Derrick Washington.

Mizzou's head football coach Gary Pinkel and the athletic director Mike Alden both spoke out about the allegations on Friday.

One of the big questions is did Pinkel and Alden know about the rape allegations a female student made against Washington six years ago?  During a news conference Friday afternoon in Columbia they both said they did.

They told reporters after learning that Washington had allegedly raped a female student in her dorm room during his sophomore season; the two top sports officials say they reported it to the chancellor at the time, and to other Mizzou officials.

During a telephone interview Thursday with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Washington didn’t dispute that he had sex with the woman on October 12th, 2008.

The former Mizzou running back and Ray-Pec star says it was, “consensual” and that he did not commit a crime.  The ESPN report still claims Mizzou likely violated federal law for not investigating the case.

"I make all my decisions by information I get. I can't go and call the victim up.  I cannot, nobody can do that. But, it's all about the information and the police get involved then certainly they are the investigators,” Pinkel said.