As heat lingers in the metro, paying attention to body’s warning signs is key to safety

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Scorching temperatures continued Monday, hovering right around 100 degrees in much of the metro and sparking an influx of heat-related emergency calls in KCMO.

Although he didn't have specific numbers, Asst. EMS Chief Paul Paikowski said the KCMO fire department has seen a distinct increase in heat injuries since the high temperatures started about a week ago.

Paikowski said most people get into trouble when they don't drink enough water while doing outside activities. Alcohol makes matters worse when you drink too much while lounging outside at the pool or at a sporting event.

He said paying attention to your body's warning signs, such as dizziness or nausea, is vital to staying safe in the sun.

"The elderly, children are so much susceptible," Paikowski said. "They don't respond as well and it takes a little more time for them to recognize 'Hey, I'm having an issue,' versus someone who recognizes, 'Hey, I don't feel well, I need to hydrate.'"

He said drinking water is best, as sports drinks like Gatorade have lots of sugar and sodium, which can actually contribute to dehydration.

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