Routine walk to store takes frightening turn for KC mom and two daughters

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Editor's note: The injuries seen and described in this story are graphic, viewer discretion is recommended. 

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- From her hospital bed on Monday, a Kansas City mom told FOX 4 about a horrifying accident she and her two daughters survived Friday night.

What was supposed to be a routine walk to a neighborhood convenience store for Rozena Dixon and her nine and 13-year-old daughters suddenly took a frightening turn.

"It was real frightening. I didn't know what to do. I really didn't," Dixon said. "And I was frightened, frantic and I didn't know where my kids were at."

Friday night, she and her kids were standing near East 41st and Prospect when police say two cars crashed into each other. Investigators say a driver in a silver Hyundai travelled north on Prospect after getting the green light, when a driver in a blue Ford turned into the path of the oncoming car.

"They need to stop at the lights and stuff like that. What are you in a rush for?" Dixon asked.

Police say the driver in the Ford lost control and then slammed into Dixon and her kids, who were standing on the corner.

"I know it hit me first," she said.

Dixon now has a lot of stitches and almost two dozen staples in her head, and remembers the car hitting her, then pinning her against a fence before she blacked out.

"The only thing I could just see, kind of sort of, is me just bouncing around everywhere," she said. "And then all the blood that was gushing and the big, old gash that was in my head to where you could see my skull."

Her daughters suffered minor injuries. Despite being battered and bruised, Dixon’s convinced it's a miracle she survived.

"I said that it was Jesus that sent one of his angels down and snatched me up just in the nick of time," Dixon said.

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