Royals fans hope for another “W” each night at “The K” this week

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It's a big week for baseball, as the Royals began a 10 game home stand at "The K."

The first-place Royals can build their lead in the American League Central, and they're already underway having started at 6-10 as of Tuesday evening.

It's another chance to hang a “W,” which has become a favorite new tradition among Royals fanatics.

Dave Webster is at the heart of hanging the “W.”

That's a brand new tradition that Webster and other historians with the ball club introduced this year, beginning with the first home stand of the season back in April.

Anytime the Royals post a win Webster dons his alter ego, “Kay Cee,” and climbs to the top of the hall of fame building in left field, posting a "W" so everyone can see the Royals are winners.

“People knew who I was beforehand from the Hall of Fame, but now, I can't go anywhere around the ballpark without people saying, ‘There goes the “W” guy,’” said Webster.

“The “W” seemed to be in all our ideas. We wondered what we could do. We thought of running up a flag, but the Cubs do that. We looked to the top of the building, and there was that big star, saying ‘put it here,” said Curt Nelson, an official Royals Historian.

Webster typically waits behind a series of small doors, watching the ninth inning end, before he can post that coveted “W.”

If you should miss the royals and Yankees on Monday night, you'll have nine more chances during this home stand, beginning with three straight against Minnesota Tuesday at 7:10 p.m.

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