Unborn baby, mom survive after she suffers traumatic brain injury when 15 weeks pregnant

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LA CYGNE, Kan. -- Paramedic Danny Hall held a baby boy, Aiden King, on Monday, and thought "wow". He thought about how different it was when they were last in an ambulance near La Cygne. That was before Aiden was even born.

The paramedic got the call one day last December. Twenty-three-year-old Aimie King had been thrown from her car when it rolled over. Her two children strapped inside were okay.

But King had critical injuries including massive head trauma. Emergency personnel reached her step-mother on the phone.

"I just went, 'oh, my God. She's pregnant,'" said Michelle King.

Trauma surgeon Dr. F. Earl Scott was at Research Medical Center when Amie arrived.

"I really thought her chance of survival from just what I saw on the neuro exam was very, very poor," said Dr. Scott.

King's pregnancy was just 15 weeks along. Staff in 20 departments in the hospital -- from pulmonary care to nutrition-- worked to sustain King who remained in a coma. In April, four months after the crash, Aiden was born at 33 weeks along. He was premature, but still weighed five pounds.

"If it wasn't for them, he wouldn't be here and neither would Aimie," Michelle King said of the paramedics and all the caregivers at Research.

Amie King is now in a rehab facility in Paola. Her step-mother said she's in a vegetative state. But when Aiden visits?

"She looks at him. She moves her arms in his direction," said Michelle King.

Paramedic Danny Hall shook his head in amazement as he looked at Aiden.

"Somebody had a bigger plan for that little guy," said Hall.

The paramedic looked at a healthy four-month-old, and said this just doesn't happen. But it did.

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