200 new laws introduced in Missouri

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — More than 200 bills will become law on Thursday in the state of Missouri, including gambling on credit at casinos and breast-feeding moms may now be excused from Jury duty.

Missourians can also buy a two wheeler after tithing on Sundays. The state also lifted the ban on motorcycle sales. They also lifted the ban on sales of all-terrain vehicles and personal watercraft. The law did not repeal the ban on buying cars and trucks on Sundays.

Other laws in effect on Thursday include: purchasing single beers from local stores. If you just want a 40 instead of a six or a 12 pack. You’re good to go

Drivers can now show proof of insurance via cell phone instead of producing a paper copy.

The state also passed a bill prohibiting the destruction of funerals, definitely aimed at that church (that will not be named) that enjoys protesting.

More bills may become law after legislative session on September 10.


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