Excessive heat forces people to make adjustments for safety

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The heat has moderated a bit, but we've experienced quite a recent stretch of hot weather. FOX 4's Megan Dillard worked to find out how people around the metro are fighting the fierce temps.

Spectrum Station preschoolers and their teachers enjoyed a classic game of musical chairs inside.

"The kiddos are scheduled for two outside times, one in the morning and one in the afternoon," Michelle Mannell said.

The day care leaders follow state guidelines that keep kids inside when humidity and heat levels are too high.

"With the heat advisory, sometimes we don`t get a time at all. Sometimes we`re not able to," Mannell continued. "Active learning is just as important as classroom learning."

That`s why the smiles and laughter continued within the day care walls instead of outside in the blistering heat. While the playground is empty because the kids are inside cooling off, not everybody has that option.

"It takes a rare breed to do any type of work outside, especially in the summertime," Nathan Wegenka said.

Wegenka says no one knows that better than his landscaping crew.

"You gotta bond with it. Get out there whenever it`s just starting to get warm and let your body get used to the heat," one of the landscapers said.

The men say this summer hasn`t been too bad, but this week brought higher than usual temperatures.

"It`s torture really, between one and three is the worst time of the day I think," Wegenka said.

The crew adjusted hours and started earlier.

"We`re averaging about six, six-and-a-half hours right now, which kind of hurts us," Wegenka said.

It`s a sacrifice they say is worth staying safe under the sun.

"Any time you need a drink or need to sit in the shade, you have to go do that in order to protect yourself,"  Wegenka said.  "I don`t like a lot of days like this. Cloudier days the better."

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