In the absence of a baseball anthem, fan composes Royals rap

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One Kansas City man loves the Royals so much he wrote a song. The man behind the music is TK, by day he's Tyler Keast.

"I always see the Chiefs anthem, but nobody ever does the Royals so I got the idea for that and hollered at my producer about it, and he sent me a couple of beats," he explained.

The masterpiece is called 'Royals Blue.' He cranked out this song in about six hours.

"Behind you is a little closet space. I've been recording in there. This song came straight out of here," Keast said.

It doesn't take a multi-million dollar to produce what TK calls the 'Royals' anthem'. He prides himself in being creative.

Although he's been a lifelong baseball fan, TK says this year there's more reason to celebrate the Royals.

"They're killing it right now. I mean we've been on an amazing winning streak. It's great to see all the fans involved," he said.

And when Alex Gordon won the game against the Minnesota Twins at the bottom of the ninth Tuesday night, it was also a line straight out of his hit song.

TK says he hopes 'Royals Blue' will someday be played at the stadium sometime during the chase for the pennant.

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