Joe’s Weather Blog: Impressive Rain + Weekend Changes Ahead (MON-9/1)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Well the rain was much needed and more or less welcome for about 1/2 the area…and in particular the area south of I-70. We’ve missed out on a lot of the significant rainfall these last few weeks (since 8/6) so the 1.5-2 1/4″ or so of moisture will help us out tremendously.


Rest of today: Partly cloudy skies. Temperatures near 80°. Not much wind. The risk of storms re-firing seems to me to be about 50-75 miles further south of KC and that would be after 5PM or so. The atmosphere is pretty worked over but there will be a front in the area later this afternoon. I still though can’t totally rule out some weird sprinkles/lighter showers in the early PM around the KC area however.

Tonight: Clearing out with potentially some fog towards daybreak. Lows in the mid 60s.

Tomorrow: Mostly sunny with increasing PM clouds. Highs again in the mid 80s.


Rainfall amounts were generous from a complex of storms that lingered from late last night through 5AM or so in the KC area. The rainfall came down fast then a nice period of light to moderate rain came through soaking the soils nicely. Doppler estimates show great coverage of 1-2″ through many areas around the KC area. Click on the image below to make it more readable.

ScreenHunter_01 Sep. 01 10.53


In terms of ground truth…here are the totals through 7AM this morning (in a photo gallery) some areas farther south may have had more because it was still raining nicely there after 7AM.


The winds last night as the storms blew in were mostly in the 40-55 MPH range with some brief higher gusts…certainly worse to the west of KC where the storms initially formed. Here are the reports received so far.

The latest satellite picture shows lots of clouds through the region again and it may be awhile before skies clear back out…these clouds will keep a lid on the temperatures and the instability in the region.


Odds are with such a worked over atmosphere and a nice cap in place this afternoon from KC northwards, any PM re-firing that takes place will be south of the immediate KC area…odds favor south of a Sedalia>Clinton>Pleasanton>Garnett line.


The next opportunity for storms will come later tomorrow night into early WED as the hot air pushed to our south retreats northwards again. As we make that transition and thanks in part to a low level jet that will move through the area and overrun the retreating front…scattered storms are likely to form.

Then they move away on Wednesday and we sizzle for a couple of afternoons into Thursday with highs again 90-95°.

Then a stronger cold front will move towards the area on FRI…IF it holds off till later FRI we will be hotter than the forecasted near 80°. IF it moves in faster we’ll be closer to 80°. Regardless I’d be surprised IF we didn’t get another decent rain coverage event from this, especially IF the front is a bit slower. Cooler/drier air will come in over the weekend and give us highs in the 70s or so with lows SUN AM in the 50s. Assuming everything goes according to plan we should have some great and comfortable weather for the Chiefs game on Sunday!

Since today is the start of “meteorological” fall…here is a quick review of meteorological summer (6/1-8/31)

I’ll probably write more on this tomorrow. MT has a bunch of graphics prepared about this and will be using them on the news tonight.

That’s it for today…I need a nap…2 hours of sleep won’t cut it. Go Royals!








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