Joe’s Weather Blog: Fog And Storms (TUE-9/2)

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Not surprisingly we’re starting the morning on a foggy note in the KC region and elsewhere. This may take a few hours to burn off because while the summer sun will work on the fog/low clouds the winds are nearly calm…so that typically adds a bit of time to the process. The fog/low clouds will gradually lift as the morning moves along…eventually though during the after we should turn partly cloudy.


Rest of the day: Becoming partly cloudy and muggy. Highs today in the mid 80s. Light winds

Tonight: Quiet initially but storm chances start developing overnight. Hopefully after the ball game (that was an unexpected close call last night). Lows in the 60s.

Tomorrow: Hot and humid with some lingering morning storms possible. Highs near or above 90°.

Thursday: Hotter with highs 90-95°


A front is draped over the region…as a result light winds and the moisture from the heavy rainfall over the past couple of days have conspired to allow the lowest part of the atmosphere to be saturated. This has lead to fog. Now that the nights are getting a bit longer (we’re adding 1-2 minutes/day to the night-times right now)…fog has a somewhat easier time forming now as opposed to a couple of months ago when the nights were shorter. Take a look at the next map showing the extent of the fog. Click ont he graphic below to make it more readable as of 8AM

ScreenHunter_07 Sep. 02 08.09

The “bars” represent the thickness of the fog…with 3 bars being the thickest. To the left of the bars there are numbers that represent the visibility. The circles represent the weather…so the key is looking for the “X’s” in the circles…indicating that the sky is obscured and confirming the lack of horizontal visibility as well. There are lots of those on the map above. When the observation is circled…that means the winds are calm. There are lots of those as well!

The surface map shows a front that is hung up along the I-35 corridor.


There is actually some rather cool air across the eastern Rockies and the northern Plains region this morning. I bring that up because we’ll dip into that air later this week and into the weekend.

The front responsible for ushering the cooler air into the region will arrive sometime on Friday. Earlier in the day would allow FRI to see struggling temperatures with the potential of showers off and on during the day since there will be some rain behind the front it appears. This will be because the front will be overrun with moisture aloft. A 1025 or so mb high will build into the region over the weekend and that should give us some fabulous weather with highs in the mid-upper 70s. Lows should drop into the 50s! Nice!

By the way…saw this on twitter this morning…


Typically we have to wait till late October or so for the 1st freeze but for the northern PLains region and parts of the Lakes it comes much earlier.

By the way…there is a weak tropical storm in the western Gulf of Mexico called Dolly. It’s near the Mexican coastline and will come ashore later on with flooding rainfall. Today though is a pretty big weather history day for those of us who follow tropical activity a bit more closely.

It is believed that when this hurricane made landfall along Long Key, FL that is was packing winds of around 175 MPH. This was also before the storms had names.

Next week look for a nasty storm to effect the Baja CA area…we’ll need to watch some of that moisture for the end of next week…and the desert SW will be watching that moisture carefully as some sort of combination between the dead Dolly moisture and some upper level blowoff from what may become Norbert (I think) should kick start the monsoon season again the SW part of the country.

That’s it for today…have a great Tuesday!





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