Fast food worker protests in KC lead to some arrests and blocked roads

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Hundreds of protesters demanding higher fast food wages joined hundreds more across the country for Thursday's rallies. The Kansas City version led to road blocks and several arrests.

A sea of red protesters, making their cries heard to increase minimum wage to $15.

“We're going to keep fighting. Fight! Fight! Fight! Organizing is our right,” screamed Keoshia Jackson, an arrested protester who works for Gates Bar-B-Q.

Some fast food workers from McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Popeyes, sat in the middle of the street as police closed down the intersection of 14th and Prospect Ave.

“I'm going to jail today, I don't care. I'm taking one for the team. I'm not doing it for me. I'm doing it for us,” Jackson passionately said.

Police arrested more than 50 people, all willing and compliant to go. Reports say the average pay for a fast food worker is $8.60 an hour. For Sharonica Parker, that wage is just not enough.

“Every six months the prices of sandwiches go up and I can't even afford to feed my family the sandwiches that I serve other people,” said Parker, who was also arrested.

About 100 protesters not in zip-ties were headed to a park to re-organize. The rest filed into vans and were later given tickets.

“Stopping the flow of traffic ticket. That's about it,” said Ronny Reed who was just released. He read aloud the ticket.

For those arrested, they say it’s a small price to pay so long as their message is heard.