JCCC lockdown sends people in surrounding places into high alert

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - It wasn't just the Johnson County Community College campus that was on lockdown, but also areas around the campus were on lockdown and high alert as a majority of the space surrounding the campus was also congested with traffic.

Chrissy Wiley was surprised to come to Stoll Park, where her child was supposed to have soccer practice, to find the park was locked up.

"Just curious to find that it's closed down," said Wiley.

When she found out it was in the name of safety, she was relieved to find all precautions were being taken.

"You just don't want to take that risk," Wiley said.

About 200 Puma FC soccer players were practicing when JCCC went on lockdown- shortly after the park was also ordered to be evacuated.

"It's all about the kids' safety," said coach, Andrew McGinnis.

Within 30 minutes, the kids were out of the park- and headed home. Over at St. Thomas Aquinas, students who were on campus for extra curriculars or studying were also told to get to safety.

Michael Shanahan, a cross-country runner, was at the track at JCCC when softball players told his teammates they had to leave.

"You guys have to get out of here. There's like a gunman," Shanahan said.

The athletes went back to nearby Aquinas and soon were ushered inside.

"Everyone had gotten grouped up and then we headed inside, and that's when they kinda started the lockdown," said Shanahan.

But Shanahan took it in stride, figuring the whole thing was more of a precaution than an actual threat.

"It's just kind of a weird day, I'm not gonna think about it twice tomorrow," he said.