Video shows barbaric recruiting techniques used by ISIS

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ISIS has built a military strategy that relies on terror to instill fear. It’s a strategy that raises questions regarding the humanity of those who buy into the ideology of ISIS.

CNN’s Nic Robertson reports, the more ISIS grows, the more it fights like a regular army – but they’ve earned the reputation of being barbaric, more than any other fighting force before. They catalog and post — in near real-time — their war crimes, boasting about the humiliation and the brutality they inflict.

Besides videos of beheadings, another video shows hundreds of captured Syrian soldiers, paraded around in their underwear. Later in the same video, those same men are pictured face down in the dirt, dead. And then as if to remove any doubt, ISIS soldiers fire on the men while shouting Allahu akbar.

CNN’s Nic Robertson reports that ISIS wants to terrorize the public, they want to make people afraid, but if the public turns away, ISIS wins.

Almost a decade ago, Al Qaeda in Iraq ultimately morphed into ISIS. Their reign of violence became more and more known with videos of beheadings – and photographs of children holding severed heads.

ISIS soldiers have lost all moral compass, which makes them a threat to all who cross them. Their debased and degraded mindsets place them almost beyond control and that potentially makes them a danger to their own organization. But unless a change is made, ISIS will continue their rampage of violence.

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