Man frightened after being shot at with a BB gun while driving on highway

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- An Independence man tells police someone shot him in the head and shot up his car as he drove down a busy metro highway. It was apparently a BB gun. Jeremy Couch says he was driving down 350 Highway heading towards Lee's Summit when some guys suddenly shot out his car window. Right now, he's scared.

"My girlfriend's pregnant in the passenger seat. I just said, ‘they're shooting. Get down!’" Couch said. “It sounded like hail. It came so fast."

Couch says Monday night he first saw four guys in a black car pull beside his Mercury Cougar on the busy highway. He says a man sitting in the front seat fired dozens of BB's at his car, shattering his back window and grazing him in the forehead.

Pictures reveal that his face was bloodied just moments after the incident. His pregnant girlfriend, ducking for cover, wasn't hurt.

Couch says another guy in the back seat, who had his face partially covered with a bandana, pointed what looked to be a real gun at him before the men sped off.

"It looked like a real gun honestly. It seemed a little too big to be a BB gun," he said. “They just kept driving like nothing happened. I figured they thought they'd killed me or I'd weave off the road of something."

While his car is damaged and he was injured, Couch realizes the consequences could have been more severe.

"My girlfriend's pregnant in there. We could've all died, you know? Unborn kid," he said.

Police only have vague descriptions of the four guys and that's why they're asking anyone who witnessed the highway incident to call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.