Child found alone in park Saturday evening in protective custody as investigation continues

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A four-year-old girl was left at Wyandotte County Lake Park, and more than 10 hours went by before her family realized she was gone. Investigators say the little girl was found wandering alone at the park Saturday night.

It wasn't until her mother saw her little girl on the news, that she realized she was gone. Now that mom could be facing serious charges.

It's a place where, for the most part, kids feel safe. But parents who often come to the park’s playground say they still don't let their kids of out their sight.

"This one is always right by my side. If he's missing for a few minutes in a public spot I freak out. I couldn't imagine just not realizing your kid isn't around," concerned parent Chris Gorman said.

That's why parents here are having a hard time understanding how a little girl could be left at the park, alone, for hours.

Investigators say a deputy noticed four-year-old Saysha playing on the playground at dusk.

"She was talking with the deputies and the medical people. She's very verbal. She only has limited information but she was cooperative and in good spirits," Wyandotte County Sheriff Don Ash said.

Even though Saysha was calm, investigators began to worry when hours went by and the little girl's parents were nowhere to be found.

They took a picture of Saysha and sent it out to news stations across the area. More than 10 hours later, Saysha's mother called after seeing her little girl on TV.

"How in the world could someone leave their kid that long and not know that they have left their child?" Concerned parent Debbie Hopkins asked.

"That's a question we're asking right now. Sometimes there's a mix up in communication. Could be between mom’s house and dad's house," Sheriff Ash said.

Saysha was checked out at a local hospital and had no health complications. She's now in protective custody until a judge decides otherwise.

It's been long couple of days for Saysha but investigators say a smile remains on her face.

"She's a very resilient and smart little girl," Sheriff Ash said.

Saysha's mom is being questioned by investigators. They say she could face serious charges.

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