Smithville High School principal accused of inappropriate relationships with students

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SMITHVILLE, Mo. -- The principal of Smithville High School is under investigation and has been dismissed by the district after officials say he violated professional behavior, allegedly giving a student a prescription drug and having explicit, sexual conversations with students.

Dr. Rudy Papenfuhs was placed on administrative leave last week.

District officials said Dr. Papenfuhs is accused of texting students between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., which is a violation of board policy. He also is accused of other inappropriate behavior such as adding a student to his cell phone plan and insurance policy, letting students use his car, taking students to Chiefs and Royals games and making sexual comments to students.

One student we spoke to said Dr. Papenfuhs is a father-figure at the school.

We asked Kevin Kopp, a high school senior, about one particular accusation; that Dr. Papenfuhs frequently pulls certain students out of class for an extended period of time for explained reasons.

"That was me! Freshman, sophomore, junior year, he would pull me out of class and he would ask me how are you doing, how is the situation with your mom?" said Kevin Kopp. "I think in the modern world today when everyone`s too worried about how politically correct they are, I think Dr. Papenfuhs is a big relief from that," Kopp said.

But other students described his behavior as inappropriate.

"I'm really disappointed in his behavior. A lot of people look up to him as a role model and I don`t even see why. If a principal is going to ask me those types of questions, he has no business being anyone`s role model," said sophomore student, Trinity Kubly.

Trinity's mother said Papenfuhs talked to her daughter about inappropriate topics after an incident that got Trinity removed from the cheerleading squad.

"I should be the only one who would be talking to my daughter about anything to do with a sex life," said the mother, Angelia Kubly.

No criminal charges have been filed, but police were investigating. Papenfuhs has been principal of Smithville High School for six years.


  • unknown

    Who cares about what happened last year people papy was an amazing principal and sometimes some people need some self control not to be doing inappropriate things… Get over it and grow up

  • Unknown2

    If my daughter is sending innappropriate photos to people via her cell phone and her principal tries to have a meaningful heart to heart about it, I would be appreciative! This mother is clearly the reason her daughter makes the choices she makes. DrP is an amazing man who has helped so many kids move positively forward in their lives. You will not find a more genuinely caring guy. I’ve seen it first hand. This is disgraceful!

  • Makenzie

    This news station has became a discrace. One siding the hell out of this story. You should be ashamed of yourselves. But it’s all about what will grab the viewer’s/reader’s attentions, right? Maybe you all should make sure there isn’t two sides to every story, or chat with the students who truly know him, before you begin your pathetic, half-assed news article. I’ll be sure to advise everyone around me to watch Channel 5, or Channel 9, and to ignore the pure ignorance of Channel 4. Although, with all the support he’s getting, I don’t believe I’ll need to say much for this station to be viewed as a waste of space. Thanks for your time! :)

  • Unknown

    I heard Trinity was lying about the whole thing and going around the school bragging that she got the principal fired.

  • mica

    As a news station trying to maintain some integrity you should probably do some better research on who you are relying on for your report. It is very well known that the Kubly’s purposefully set up the principal after their daughter got kicked off the cheer squad for texting pornography. Shoddy work at best here, and now your star “source” is going around bragging about how she got away with all this.

  • Unknown

    Interview more students I can GUARANTEE you will not find one other student, past or present, that would have anything negative to say about this principal. Not ONE! This girl has clearly got a misguided agenda. It’s very sad how a person’s life can be destroyed by one misrepresentation. Even sadder that I would bet you even today, after all that he is going through, this man would still support and try to help this girl because he is a GOOD person. I do pray for this young girl and hope that she can find a more meaningful life for herself and realize the difference between someone trying to help and someone trying to hurt. Her need for attention is obvious. Very sad.

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