Student claiming to be at center of allegations against Smithville principal speaks out

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SMITHVILLE, Mo. - A student who says he's at the center of the suspension of Smithville High School principal Dr. Rudy Papenfuhs is speaking out. That principal remains on administrative leave amid misconduct allegations.

As the Smithville senior explains, his principal was one of the few people that was there for him in times of need.

"It's been really hard on me. I've pretty much had to be the adult my whole life," Ty Hosmann said.

17-year-old Hosmann says it was his sophomore year at Smithville High School when his world started to crumble. He says that's when his mother, who had sole custody of him, started facing drug and alcohol problems, and he decided to move into a friend's home.

"I was wearing dirty clothes, my hair was dirty, I didn't like showering," Hosmann said.

Hosmann says his principal, Dr. Papenfuhs, was the only person to notice, and asked the teen to come to his office.

"The third question he asked me was, 'what can I do to help you?'" Hosmann recalled.

From that day on, Hosmann says his principal became a mentor in his life.

"He was there for me. I cried in his office because of how distraught I was," he said.

But the Smithville School District says Dr. Papenfuhs took their relationship to an inappropriate level. In allegations nearly two pages long, the district outlines nearly 20 policies the principal violated.

FOX 4's Megan Brilley read some of those allegations to Hosmann.

"He added a current student of the district to his cell phone plan," Brilley said.

"That was me," Hosmann replied.

"Added a student to his vehicle insurance?" Brilley asked.

"That was also me," Hosmann said.

"It has been reported to the district by a parent of the student that the principal showed a sexually explicit YouTube video to a student," Brilley said.

"I do not... I don't have any knowledge of that one," Hosmann said.

There are also allegations listed that Dr. Papenfuhs gave a student prescription drugs.

Hosmann claims he gave him over the counter allergy medication and pimple cream. Another allegation listed says the principal often pulled students out of class.

"He pulled me out of class to see how I was doing. He knew I had a rough home life, so he would check up on me," Hosmann said.

Regardless, the district says the actions were inappropriate and against school policy. To that, Hosmann has one thing to say.

"I think they're making a huge mistake," he said.

Hosmann is still living with his friend. He says he has not been in contact with the principal since he was put on administrative leave.

FOX 4 did reach out to Dr. Papenfuhs on Thursday for comment, our calls were not returned.