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KCK woman saves photos and valuables from being tossed, now seeking rightful owner

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Pictures are worth a thousand words. We take pictures so we don't forget. One woman from Kansas City, Kan. found a whole box of photos and is now looking for its rightful owner.

When Clarasteen Milton discovered her neighbor's house two doors down was being cleaned out, she also discovered boxes of treasures about to be thrown out, but she decided to save them.

Faded snapshots and handwritten family trees, a life carefully documented was left forgotten by its owner. No one claimed the boxes filled with memories until Milton saved them.

"I gathered as much as I could before it got thrown away. It's worth it. It's all worth it," she said.

All of the contents belonged to her neighbor who moved out, his house has since been re-sold. There's a name that keeps popping up over and over written behind all the photos.

There's also a wallet filled with beautiful women and an I.D. that names Wilbur D. Burghardt. There are albums, Bibles, newspaper clippings and letters. And there are also plenty pictures of smiling grandbabies, mothers, newlyweds, and uncles.

She only met her neighbor once, but can't bear the thought of throwing away his life.

"I just know it's very sentimental to him, you know? That's just the person I am," she explained.

Milton says one day, she hopes all of these treasures will be returned. Until then, she'll be safeguarding them.