96.5 The Buzz DJs set to return to work Monday following lawsuit

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Written by Molly Balkenbush

MISSION, Kan. -- Two 96.5 The Buzz DJ's are headed back to work Monday morning, surprised they still have a job.

The DJ's, who go by "Afentra" and “Danny Boi,” were accused of falsely identifying an Olathe woman as a porn star live on the air.

The DJ's told FOX 4 they were expecting to be fired and are grateful for the chance to return to work Monday. They two were off the airwaves all last week due to the trial.

"When you hear that amount of money you're like ‘okay, I'm ready to pack my bags, we're going to be fired you know,’” Afentra said. "We made a mistake."

On Friday the victim, Ashley Patton, was awarded $1 million in federal court.

Afentra said the two have received an outpouring of support on social media from fans of the station.

"I don’t even know what to say, like, I haven’t really said thank you yet, so thank you," she said. "I appreciate it, I'm really grateful."

The DJ's couldn't talk to FOX 4 about the lawsuit, or say a message to the victim. However, both said they will be more careful what they say on air.

"They did not fire me," Afentra said. "I was really waiting for that.

Since the federal trial ended Friday, listeners of The Buzz reached out to Afentra and Danny Boi trying to start a fundraiser for the two.

The pair said they can't and won't accept the fundraiser, planned to raise $1 million. In response, one fan set up an account on firstgiving.com so money raised can go to Hope House.

"At least we will have helped somebody in all this," said Danny Boi.

"No, we can't take the money," Afentra said. "But Hope House can, because they need it."

Ashley Patton, the victim, was awarded $250,000 in actual damages and $750,000 in punitive damages.

"I think it will hold other stations accountable for what they do and think twice about things they put on the air," Patton said.

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  • Lacey

    I wish that AFentra was sued for this personally.. I was back in KC for a weekend and got envited by two of my friends to Crossroads to see a concert (they both used to work for the station) My friends were introducing me to some of the people there and when introduced to Afentra she yelled out “Oh what did they find you on Craigslist?” I was a bit taken aback but tried to kindly laugh it off as my friends explained that we were actually long time friends in from out of town. Instead of laughing and going on to something else to talk about it Afentra decided to go on and make it her mission to publicly humiliate me saying by saying “No.. She works in film I know it! You’ve been on film haven’t you? Tell them you do porn! How much do you charge?” My friends and a few others in the room tried to shelter me from her and apologize for her as she kept pushing and pushing the issue. I just shrugged it off as her being drunk (she is lucky I rarely let things get to me) I also want to clarify that I did NOT look provocative in any way! I am tall and blonde but I was wearing jeans, flats. a tank top and a cardigan. The whole thing was very strange/rude/insulting and I left that concert with a very sour taste in my mouth. Not the kind of person you want representing your brand.

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