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KC eateries take love of Royal blue baseball from the field to the kitchen

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Cheering for the Royals is sure to stir up your appetite, so bars, restaurants and bakeries all over the metro are jumping at the chance to join in on the fun.

Local eateries are taking the love of the game from the baseball field to the kitchen.

Jaspers is getting in the playoff spirit by selling royal blue cannolis, complete with a splash of celebratory champagne.

"When you finish with a little powdered sugar, you have a golden cannoli, blueberry flavored of course for the Kansas City Royals," said Jasper Mirabile, co-owner.

Jasper's has sold about 50 dozen cannolis every day since Saturday, which is more than double what they usually sell.

If you prefer frozen treats, Foo's Fabulous Frozen Custard in Leawood has you covered.

"We start with our freshly frozen custard," said Jeff Stottle, owner. "It comes out thick, dense, creamy and rich."

Add raspberry, chocolate chips and mint and you're looking at the Blue Devil.

"It just fit with the Royals, especially because we're playing the Angels," Stottle said. "So why not the Blue Devil because we want to take down the Angels in this case, right?"

We end the FOX 4 Blue Food Tour at 810 Zone in Leawood where Royals pride comes in a pint.

"It's been great," said Christian Franklin, server. "We're selling them like hot cakes. So it's pretty awesome."

At $2.50 a beer, it's a deal that will stick around as long as the boys in blue keep winning.

"It's been a pretty big buzz around town," Franklin said. "We've had a great crowd so far and are expecting more of the same."

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