Volunteers lend a helping hand for home improvements

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Hundreds of volunteers gave their time Saturday to be a good neighbor to those in need.

Armed with ladders and paintbrushes on Kansas City's east side and hammers and nails in the Northland, hundreds of volunteers descended on neighborhoods across the metro to give struggling families a home makeover.

"It makes me feel like I hit the lottery," said Valerie Clark.

Fifty Honeywell volunteers with Rebuilding America, a national non-profit that gives low income homeowners critical home repairs, assisted with home improvement to homes in the Northland. Some of those improvements included new faucets, fixing windows, landscaping, plumbing and electrical work.

Volunteers with Habitat for Humanity helped paint and landscape 15 homes on Highland Avenue.

"Our neighborhood was really blighted," said Dellareese Frazier. "We couldn't afford it, couldn't afford to get the paint, and it's probably the trees because it's expensive, and the company that's blessed us with cutting the trees down, we really appreciate them."