Attempted abduction in Overland Park leaves neighbors concerned

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- An attempted abduction of an 18-year-old girl in Overland Park has police searching for two suspects now. A man tried to snatch an 18-year-old girl in her neighborhood on Tuesday afternoon.

Police say a man grabbed her from behind and used his other hand to cover her mouth. The girl fought him off and she started screaming.

Police say the man then jumped into the passenger side of a truck and the driver sped off. The attempted abduction has left neighbors worried.

"We have an open door policy, come through our backyard, front yard. It's a very nice way of life, very nice way to live and I don't know if that will change now," said one concerned neighbor.

She has a five-year-old daughter and is now worried about her daughter walking to her neighbor's house or even to get the mail.

"From now on when she goes somewhere in the neighborhood, then I just have to keep watch," she said.

She says she also relies on a website – -- to keep informed and aware of what's happening in her neighborhood.