Once students, now adults, Royals fans remark on celebration photo from 1985

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LENEXA, Kan. -- A photo taken in 1985 celebrating the Kansas City Royals World Series triumph over the St. Louis Cardinals has resurfaced almost three decades later.

The photo captures students from Holy Trinity Catholic School at the big victory parade! Even the people in the picture had to do a double take to recognize themselves. They were celebrating the Royals then, and 29 years later, they're doing it again.

"It's funny that a picture from 30 years ago is now on the Internet, and people will find you on it!" said Patrick Riordan, who's in the center of the photo.

The picture, from the Lenexa Historical Society, was taken almost three decades ago. Riordan was eight years old at the time, a student at the Holy Trinity School.

"I looked at it, I thought it was me, but then I showed it to my mom, and she said, 'yeah, that's you!'" added Riordan, "Took her like two seconds!"

The school held a parade after the Royals won the 1985 World Series. FOX 4 found the picture and contacted the people in it.

"Three or four of us, we sat around yesterday trying to brainstorm and see if we could remember what these children's names were," said Cathy Box, who is still a teacher at Holy Trinity Early Education Center in Lenexa.

She says 29 years later, it's hard to remember all the faces, but the memories are a different story.

"People were hooting and hollering out the windows, honking up and down the streets, it was really fun!" said Box. "The kids were excited, the school-aged kids especially, the little guys, they didn't quite understand the whole thing."

"I definitely remember game 7, and I remember all the fireworks and you know, it was a huge deal!" Riordan said. "To this day, it's like, I still think of it, I'm a huge Royals fan!"

Both Box and Riordan never thought they'd see the Royals come this far twice in their lifetime.

"I've been a Royals fan my whole life, I've always lived here, so it's like, you always hope its going to happen!" Riordan added.

And Box is making sure her current students are taking it all in!

"I told them, remember everything that's happening, because this may be a 30 year adventure before we see this again!" Box said.

What's also as surprising, they say, is seeing this picture resurface almost 30 years later.

"Just being a sports fan and just being a citizen of this community, it's a cool thing to see the whole thing kind of come back around," said Riordan.

Box says they'll have a parade this year again regardless if the Royals win or lose. Riordan's kids attend Holy Trinity Early Education Center now, and will be following his footsteps in the parade. We identified the boy on the left in the picture as Christoper Watson, who now lives in Nebraska. We have been unable to identify the boy on the right.

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