Royals merchandise is flying off store shelves during postseason run

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It's hard to walk very far in the metro area without seeing blue. Kansas City Royals merchandise is selling out locally, but new statistics show it's also a nationwide trend.

In Westport, it wasn’t surprising to hear The Bunker's store owner had to order hundreds of shirts, which will likely sell out in a matter of two days. USA Today found the Royals merchandise is the top selling MLB team on People from all 50 states have bought Royals gear and the team has been the best seller since October 1.

The Bunker’s general manager isn’t complaining about the boost in business.

“It's just been a really good year for the Royals and, therefore, a really good year for any of the shirts and the people that design them,” Drew Barr said.

The Bunker has ordered 300 Royals shirts; Barr believes those will be gone by the weekend. If you’re wondering which team comes in right behind the Royals, it’s the club’s ALCS adversary, the Baltimore Orioles.