U.S. agent sued for setting up fake facebook page to lure suspects

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WASHINGTON D.C. — The Justice Department says it is reviewing a woman’s complaint that a Drug Enforcement Administration agent set up a fake Facebook account using her identity.

Sondra Arquiett, who was arrested on drug charges 2010 for her alleged role in a suspected drug distribution network, is suing the agent in federal court in the Northern District, in upstate New York.

She says the agent used photographs from her phone, which authorities confiscated, to set up the Facebook account as a way to contact suspects in their investigation.

Justice Department spokesman Brian Fallon said Tuesday officials are reviewing the incident. In court papers the Justice Department has defended the practice.

Arquiett says she suffered fear and emotional distress.

She was initially charged with possession with intent to distribute cocaine and pleaded guilty to a lesser charge in 2011.

Read more in The Huffington Post.

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  • Donna- FFPCAN

    The DEA needs to be investigated because far too many people that are NOT criminals? Are suffering harm caused from the DEA. Far too many legitimate pain patients are being denied their vital and legal pain medications at the pharmacies because the pharmacists say, “They are under severe scrutiny of how much and what kind of opioids they are filling.” or they just give no reason, they are allowed to say, they don’t want to fill it and tough for the patient. This is discrimination and not what they took an Oath on! http://www.aacp.org/resources/studentaffairspersonnel/studentaffairspolicies/Documents/OATHOFAPHARMACIST2008-09.pdf
    The fines have been huge and now all this has severely impacted innocent legitimate pain patients all across the nation! Doctors are even turning a blind’s eye to those who honestly need their pain controlled. Because of all this fear?
    An elderly Naples Florida couple committed suicide recently because they just couldn’t stand the pain anymore and even called the police to tell why they were leaving this world ! I bargain to say, that they couldn’t get their medications filled and were just left to suffer. Google the story, you will find it on Naples News. Pharmacy Crawling has become the norm in FL since 2011. These suffering patients just can’t go from place to place trying to find their medications, taking, days, weeks before finding a place to fill them. They are in too much pain. This should not EVEN be LEGAL to do a human being!
    Medicare part D plans are giving patients problems by not covering the doses needed or giving excuses to NOT fill their prescriptions by mail ordering saying, that their health conditions didn’t warrant the medications. This is true discrimination people! This needs to be stopped before more human suffering is allowed to occur. This has become Massive and most Outlandesh in Florida but is spreading to many other states. “Fight For Pain Care Action Network”, a group, based out of Lithia Florida hopes that our US representatives will take a closer look at what is happening to these people now since 2011. A data base has been set up to keep anyone from doctor shopping, the pill mills are gone. There shouldn’t be anything in the way of a legitimate pain patient being able to fill or be treated for pain now BUT? There is … This pendulum has swung extremely far.. The tides have turned so far, that tens of thousands of people are being affected in a non human rights manner. Call your congressman and women. Ask they get back to compassion for the patients who are suffering in the US and to STOP only worrying about addicts because there is only a small percentage of pain patients who really do head toward addiction. Doctors will be monitoring with hydrocodone rescheduling so less people will be able to slip through the cracks without being seen in some manner. Stop the DEA from causing so fear that doctors are afraid to treat PAIN! STOP the fear mongering media.
    Fight For YOUR Human Rights and STOP Human Suffering in the USA ! Enough.. already.. There truly is another side of the story PEOPLE, and these people are suffering because of ignorance!

  • ccrncindy

    If you or a loved one suffer from chronic, intractable pain, you are likely already suffering due to the actions of the DEA. Your Physician is terrified to treat you appropriately, your Pharmacy is afraid to fill your legal prescriptions, and your insurance company may be taking advantage of the change in tides and refusing to pay for your medications. Please, speak up, stand up (if you can stand), call your Congressman, and take action to stop the unethical behaviour of the DEA (this agent’s actions being one small example). The DEA is causing inhumane suffering and ruining the lives of suffering Americans. It will eventually touch us all. Someday you may need surgery, get an incurable disease, injure yourself at work, get cancer, get arthritis, etc.. Don’t think this affects only a handful of people, for it will eventually touch us all if something is not done to restore sanity where pain medications are concerned. The DEA keeps the fines it imposes. They’ve lost the war on drugs and have discovered better, bigger, deeper pockets to rob; the pockets of your Doctors, Pharmacies, Medical Groups, and large corporations. Limiting, or removing, pain relieving medications will not stop drug addicts from obtaining what they crave. Heroin overdoses are already on the rise. Addicts will get their fix no matter what while law abiding citizens suffer. It is a sad situation indeed for anyone trying to maintain some small quality of life while living with constant, never ending pain.