Fall Back into Fitness Week 3

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Recap of Week 2: This past week the goal was to increase the amount of water you drink each day, aiming for 80 oz. I was doing some reading on hydration this week and came across a recommendation for daily water intake of dividing your body weight in half and making that the amount of ounces you shoot for. That is another way to identify a goal to keeping hydrated each day.

Client update:

Whitney: This week her plan was to replace her morning diet Pepsi with water. She said she has cut back drinking two in the morning, increasing her water, and only has a couple in the afternoon.  Whitney has also been really focusing on getting in cardio on days she doesn’t weight train. Some days she is able to get her cardio in the morning before her house starts rocking. Other days it’s not so easy to get up when she has already been up a few times during the night with her 7-month-old, so after getting her other three off to school, she heads to a local gym that has daycare available where she is then able to get in her cardio. Overtime these small changes start to result in measurable results — more energy, clothes getting looser.

Katie: Since she works nights producing at the studio, Katie’s schedule is all over the place. We sat down and figured out the times she can eat around work and sleep during the day. While her water intake is pretty good, preparing meals has been a challenge, so Katie has been eating out quite a bit. Our game plan for her meal times also included a food list for meals and snacks that are easy to prepare ahead of time, so she can just grab and go then eat at home when she gets off work. A sample meal day for Katie looks something like this:

6pm dinner at home with 16oz water

9:30pm small snack like an apple with string cheese before leaving for the studio with 16oz water

12:30am turkey sandwich with veggies, light mayo, Greek yogurt and a piece of fruit with 16oz water

4:00am: hummus and veggies with 16oz water

8am: oatmeal with scrambled eggs at home

Sandy: This past month Sandy has lost 7lbs after getting really serious with her food intake and exercise. She wears a Fitbit to track steps as well as food, and we have come up with a daily game plan for her food to include carbs, proteins and fats to fuel her for work and workouts, but allow her body to utilize fat storage as fuel. After three years of resistance training Sandy has really good endurance and has built up strength she did not have when she first came to the gym. Always good with the water, the planning piece is what has helped her be successful, especially at work where there is always empty calories in the form of sweets hanging around the break room. When she does go out to eat Sandy usually knows what she is going to order, or sticks to the “healthy” side of menus. Her healthy food choices have slowly begun to trickle down to other family members and chicken stir fry has become a staple at her home that even her boys will prepare for dinner.

Challenge of the week: Plan ahead to cut back on eating out.

  • Pick one day a week to prepare some foods ahead of time to have available at home. Grilling chicken, chopping veggies, making sure your fridge is stocked with fresh fruits, low fat cheese and yogurt
  • Take some time to plan out lunch ideas so you can grab and go off your pre planned list of foods
  • If you do head out to eat plan ahead what you will order-stick to grilled instead of fried, skip chips and French fries and replace with fresh fruits and veggies as sides
  • Aim for water at restaurants, and drink a glass before food arrives. Helps with feeling full, as well as hydrate.
  • Keep a protein bar and an apple with you in your purse/car in the event you get stuck somewhere and become hungry. This will help you from reaching for a quick snack of empty calories at the store.