Lucky Royals’ fans jump on the chance to buy tickets to the 2014 World Series

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- As we inch closer to the World Series, it gets harder to buy tickets for the coveted game. But a lottery just made it a little easier for a family from Shawnee.

For Kim Robbins, luck struck at the right time and it came by email.

"It said ‘congratulations you have the opportunity to purchase World Series tickets,’" she said.

Robbins entered a lottery for a chance to watch the Royals hopefully reclaim the crown.

She says a lot of her friends and family entered the lottery, but she was the only one chosen.

Robbins bought tickets at 10:00 on Tuesday morning; the process only took 15 minutes.

"We got some upper level tickets, pretty decent. But each ticket was about $240," she said.

This is a once in a lifetime deal that Robbins says she never thought would happen. That's why she jumped at the chance of buying those golden tickets.

"It feels like we're part of something bigger, something greater and that's a lot of fun," said Robbins.

Since she only has two tickets, her kids, Avery and Carson, will cheer with family from the comforts of home.

If you bought tickets and the Royals do not make the World Series, fans will be reimbursed.